The MIRoTEC Advantage

An international company run by medical and veterinary professionals, MIRoTEC Technology is a business that understands all aspects of human and animal healthcare and performance.


MIRoTEC Products for Equine is for preventing and treating injuries and particularly useful for warming muscles before riding, training or competition. It is ideally suited as a treatment to speed recovery from injury and prevent deterioration of muscles and ligaments. We got your horse covered with these varieties of products your horses will need.

  • MIRoTEC Treatment Rug
  • MIRoTEC Tec Rug/Neck Rug
  • MIRoTEC Snug Rug
  • MIRoTEC Snug Neck Rug
  • MIRoTEC Neck Wrap
  • MIRoTEC Airflow Bib
  • MIRoTEC Bib
  • MIRoTEC Leg & Hock Wraps



  • For any sick cow with a subnormal temperature the MIRoTEC Treatment Cow Coat helps improve the chance of recovery from the primary illness. For any cow that is recumbent when conditions are cold the MIRoTEC Treatment Cow Coat helps prevent and treat some of the complications from being down, such as: hypothermia; muscle weakness and pressure damage to the limbs from decreased circulation. Care must be used if the cow’s temperature is raised from disease – ensure the cow is also being treated appropriately for its condition.


  • Calves have low body fat reserves and are susceptible to hypothermia when they are sick. This is especially so in cases of scours where dehydration exacerbates hypothermia. Hypothermia weakens the calf’s immune system and is an important cause of mortality. Warming the calf is an essential part of treating scours and the MIRoTEC Treatment Calf Coat is simple answer but with very effective results.
  • Calves suffering from other diseases, such as pneumonia, often respond better if they are kept warm. The MIRoTEC Treatment Calf Coat can also be used preventively for calves exposed to cold weather. Newborn calves have lower colostrum intakes if they are cold. A MIRoTEC Treatment Calf Coat helps them off to a better start, under these conditions. Care must be used if the calf’s temperature is raised from disease – Ensure the sick calf is also being treated appropriately for its condition.


Why does my dog need a coat?

In this age of central heating, dogs with smooth or minimal hair do feel the cold when they go out for walks from a warm house as do dogs with silky hair i.e. Yorkshire Terriers, whose fine coats offer no real protection from the elements. During the wet days, this problem is compounded as the dampness penetrates into the bones.

Ageing dogs particularly need a coat as they are more prone to having kidney problems and the coats are designed to protect this very vulnerable area. Dogs that live in an outside kennel or dogs that have needed to be clipped off or very short for medical reasons should also be protected.

In addition, the majority of dogs just appreciate the extra warmth and snug protection a DogRug provides, regardless of hair length.